A Guide to Using Peachhead


This group started in 1997 with 15 moms from Linda Perry’s Mommy and Me group and has grown to thousands of families. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful support and for the community that has developed. To continue to allow it to work effectively, please follow the guidelines below:



Be Respectful and E-mail Linda directly if you have a problem with postings


Most important, please be respectful of everyone in this group. Always be kind and considerate when replying to an opinion.  Treat everyone with the respect we as parents deserve, even if you have a difference of opinion.


You can voice your opinion about something without insulting or name calling members in this group. If you have a problem with a posting that someone made, please contact Linda directly, rather than posting to the group, so it can be dealt with privately and appropriately. 



Don't introduce yourself upon joining


Do not introduce yourself upon joining. Wait until you want to ask question or reply to the group. This is not the appropriate group to say "Hi, I'm new to the group and I have a 3 year old." If you want to set up a playgroup, you can send an e-mail saying "I have a 3 year old and live in Venice and can get together on Fridays at 10:00.  If anyone is interested, E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY AT” and then include your contact information.



Expect your post to be read by everyone


There is no way to guarantee that what is said in this group, stays in this group. There is no way to control what happens to information once you send it out in cyberspace.



Don't Send Thank Yous to the group


Please do not send a thank you to the group unless you are specifying something that was recommended that you have tried and now want others to know about it. Please write to members directly if you want to thank an individual.



E-mail Delivery


Peachhead groups can be enjoyed via desktop browser or on the go via mobile web--or both! Many parents also like to receive emails from the groups. You can edit your subscription options to PHMain in the "subscription" tab.


Here are the available subscription options:
• All Messages: receive each message in an individual email 
• Full Featured Digest: One digest post every 12 posts.
• Daily Summary: A daily summary email with links to the web interface
• Special Notices: only special notices from admins are delivered from the group to your inbox
  No emails: you will not receive any e-mails but can still go to the site to read and reply to messages

Clicking Advanced Preferences will expose additional options. These options filter the types of emails that you will receive.

To see the list of available email commands, click here.

Peachhead is a free resource but we are sustained by advertising. Unlike so many other social media platforms, we limit our sponsored content to only one dedicated/sponsored post per day. We also do not share member data and we use a platform that does not track. We thank you in advance for understanding and hope that your selection of special notices-once per day curated ads will help you find out about useful and fun stuff in Los Angeles that is parent specific. We really appreciate your support with this.  

How Can I Change My Email Address

To change your email address, log into PeachheadGroups.com, then look for the dropdown in the top right corner of the page, which will be either your name or email address. Click that and then click “Account.”

If the email address you wish to change to is already a registered member on Groups.io, you will need to have your accounts merged. To do so, email support@groups.io and specify the address you wish to merge from and the address you wish to merge into.

I Have Forgotten My Password/I Don't Have A Password

To log in without a password, go to the login page and click the 'Email me a link to log in' button. Once you enter your email address, you'll immediately be sent an email with a link that will automatically log you into PeachheadGroups.com. You will stay logged in for up to 30 days, unless you log out. You can then set a password if you wish, or you can continue to utilize the Email me a link to log in function to log in when needed.

I Would Prefer Not To Receive Copies Of My Messages

To turn off duplicate emails, log into your account. Then look for the dropdown in the top right corner of the page, which will be either your name or email address. Click that and then click Account. From your Account page, click the Preferences sidebar tab. Look for the 'I always want copies of my own messages' checkbox and uncheck that. Then click the Update Preferences button.

I Never Received My Confirmation Email

Please check your spam folder to see if the confirmation email ended up there. If you still have a question please email Linda Perry at Linda@Peachhead.net.


Hashtags, Following Topics, and Muting Topic

PeachheadGroups allows you to tag a message in the subject line to make it easier to find and respond to. You may also follow topics or mute topics based on the hashtags. Click here for more detailed instructions about how to use hashtags in Peachhead Groups.




Signature lines attached to Peachhead posts are limited to a maximum of 4 lines. You may include whatever pertinent contact information you like in those 4 lines. You may combine information on to the same line (e.g., name, title, website, email, phone number, fax number, etc.), and use the additional lines for more information, as long as your signature is no longer than 4 lines. Your signature line is limited to your name/business name, what you do, and how to contact you. You may not include specials, testimonial, etc.


To set a signature for your account, click on the Subscription tab on the left sidebar of the group page. On the subscription page, look for the “Use Signature For Web Posting” and “Use Signature for Email Posting” checkboxes. Once complete, click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.



Peachhead Subgroups


Be sure to check out all the different Peachhead Subgroups such as PHCaregiver and PHClassifieds on the “Subgroups” tab. You must remain a member of PHMain in order to access the subgroups.



Politics Not Allowed


Political discussions are not permitted on the main Peachhead group.  



Advertising Rules and Promoting Yourself on Peachhead


Peachhead accepts paid advertising on the main site. Please click here for information on advertising on Peachhead.


Members are not allowed to self-promote their own, or a family member’s, business, nonprofit, website, blog, or Pinterest to the group. If a Peachheader asks for advice and your business can help, you must reply to that person directly and not to the group. When you reply to that person directly, you must disclose your affiliation with the business or service. Failure to disclose any affiliation is cause for possible removal from the group. This includes any replies in which you recommend a family member's business, or any business in which you hold an interest. Failure to adhere to the advertising rules will result in having your post(s) removed. It can also be cause for removal from the group. I do not allow advertising in the Peachhead subgroups. 



Casting Calls


Casting calls can only be posted by Linda Perry. Please send any casting calls you would like posted to Linda@Peachhead.net. The fee is $100 per casting call posting.



Focus Group and Surveys


Focus group announcements and surveys can only be posted by Linda Perry. Please forward any focus group announcements and surveys you would like posted to Linda@Peachhead.net. The fee is $100 per posting.



Real Estate


If you have a long-term rental that has become available, or you are selling your home, you may post about it once in the Peachhead subgroup PHClassifieds. If you would like to post more than one time, please consider purchasing an ad. If you are a real estate agent, you may not list your listings or rentals if they are owned by someone else.





You may list that you have an available timeshare once a year for free in the PHMain group; you may list the location, size, dates available, and price, but not include amenities, etc.--people must email you directly for details. (E.g.: One bedroom timeshare available for New Year’s 2018 on the Big Island of Hawaii; It is available for 2 weeks from December 25, 2018-January 8, 2019 for $2,000.) If you want to post more than once a year, there will be a $50 fee. Please contact Linda at Linda@Peachhead.net if you wish to post more than once.



Items for Sale


If you are selling items, please post these to the PHClassifieds. You may repost your item for sale once every 7 days. The exception to this is if you are selling tickets to an event such as a concert or sporting event.  You may post this in the PHMain group. All items for sale on PHMain or PHClassifieds may not be sold for more than face value (even if you paid over face value).



Recommending a Business


You may recommend a company or business that you are not affiliated with and you do not benefit by posting about it. Please give a brief reason why you like this company and include their website. Do not list detailed information about classes they offer, pricing, schedule, etc. Do not attach or copy and paste their ads or newsletters. A personal recommendation should be in your own words. Members can go to the business website to get further information. The same goes for recommending a photographer. You can give a shout out to a photographer, but you cannot give details about the specials they are offering.  Businesses are welcome to purchase an ad if they want the details of their specials going out to everyone on Peachhead. 


If someone asks about a field of business or a specific company, feel free to recommend a business you support. If you are giving an unsolicited shout-out for a business, you may recommend the business only one time. If you would like to continue recommending a business even if no one asks about it, please consider purchasing an ad to share information about the business with the Peachhead community. You can learn more about advertising on Peachhead by clicking here.


If you have a negative experience with a company or business, you are allowed to post once about your experience. Please do not put a negative heading in the subject line: you can write "business name - my experience." If a member asks about a business you are also welcome to reply to their post with your negative experience.



Referral Links where you benefit


If you post a link where you benefit by referring people to it, you must disclose that fact. Also, please check first to make sure it has not already been posted. If another member has already posted the same deal, your posting will be removed.



Special Rules For Fundraisers


If you are not affiliated with the business or event (for example, you are a parent at the school but you don't work there, or you are fundraising for an event but you have no connections to the organization), you can post a fundraiser once during the month.



Requests for Donations and/or Financial support and/or Sponsoring Families or Organizations


You are allowed to ask for donations for silent auctions and charity events on the first of the month only. If you are asking for financial assistance or monetary donations for an organization or family, you must contact Linda Perry at Linda@Peachhead.net first to provide supporting documents for your request. Failure to adhere to this rule is cause for removal from the group.



Compile list for the files section


If you ask for something and get a number of recommendations (e.g., books, restaurants, stroller info), please copy and paste all of the replies in one e-mail and send it to Linda Perry to potentially be included in the files section. 




I hope everyone can follow these guidelines and we can continue to support each other in a positive way.



Linda Perry, founder of Peachhead


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